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  • 四平qy888千赢国际兴-手提袋印刷与模压方法

    2018-09-01 阅读次数: 栏目:qy888千赢国际兴动态







    Molding method:

    1. Most of the papers made of hand-held paper bags with thick cardboard instead of indentation lines are copperplate or kraft paper with a weight of less than 250g/m2. The final folding is usually done by hand. Therefore, the paper bag indentation processing generally does not need to use indentation line to match the steel line, but with thick cardboard instead of the use of indentation line, the specific operation as follows.

    (1) Clean the bottom plate of the die-cutting machine, stick double-sided glue, and then spread a layer of about 500 g/m2 of thick cardboard, so that it is firmly adhered to the bottom plate.

    (2) Using a larger die pressure, starting die cutting machine to indentate the thick board, the thick board after repeated repression will appear deep groove, should pay attention not to fracturing the board.

    (3) reduce the molding pressure, put the paper into it and press out the fold marks. This kind of crease should not only have a certain depth, so that it is not easy to run when folding by hand, but also can not be too deep, so that the paper is broken or folded after breaking, or because the plastic deformation at the crease is too heavy, resulting in the portable paper bag in the future use of easy to break, affecting the service life. Especially in the indentation process of kraft paper, because kraft paper is brittle, toughness is not as good as copperplate paper, more appropriate to grasp the mold pressure.

    In order to make the portable paper bag both good and not fracturing, we need to pay attention to the following points. (1) Paper should be of sufficient thickness; (2) Paper should be pressed out of the groove before pressing; (3) Paper should be properly pressed; (4) Paper should be folded better along the direction of the paper's filaments, and the pressure can be smaller; and perpendicular to the direction of the paper's filaments, the paper is more difficult to fold, and the pressure can be increased locally.