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    Packaging and printing industry is the main industry of packaging and printing industry, but also in recent years, one of the most growing industries.

    At present, the world's packaging and printing industry can be described as a double day of ice and fire, and its changes have a direct impact on the ink industry. After all, for ink manufacturers, it is essential to grow together with customers. The prosperity of packaging and printing industry has led to the rapid growth of printing ink manufacturing industry. Up to now, the annual output of printing ink in China has reached 600,000 tons, and the market sales have reached 5.5 billion yuan. On the contrary, when the ink industry is facing the challenge of change, every manufacturer and distributor will offer suggestions on how to keep the door of the ink market open and ensure the interests of ink manufacturing.

    In recent years, ink giants have been launching new products, and these new products are mainly targeted at packaging and printing and other fields. This phenomenon, on the other hand, implies that the packaging and printing industry will open up a new world for the ink market.

    In the advanced era of the 21st century, the packaging form and production methods are undergoing subtle changes, packaging and printing enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of the packaging industry. While packaging printing has gradually become the focus of entrepreneurs, printing consumables, especially printing ink sales will also welcome their own home.

    Over the next five years, the global market for flexible packaging will continue to grow at an annual rate of 3.5%, and its output value is expected to reach $231 billion by 2018. Almost all of the large ink manufacturers have focused on the field of packaging printing, packaging printing market will not appear big fluctuations. For the ink industry, the packaging and printing market is an excellent opportunity for development, and whether the ink industry can get out of the gloom will be in this fight.